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Seamless and Hassle Free Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento 2 has been released for some time now and creating a stir in the eCommerce industry. It comes with better UI, improved performance, high quality codes, better shopping experience, streamlined interface, exciting themes and more!

Though Support for Magento 1 is still there, leading merchants have already Migrated to Magento 2. It gives you the latest tools and features and upgrading is the only option to grow your business. In fact, Magento 1 is becoming outdated day by day and it is the correct time to plan your migration.

So are you ready to upgrade?

Fast and Effective Magento 2 Migration Solution

Let us give break the truth now. Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration is a time consuming and difficult process. There is a tool to make the job easy, but that’s applicable only for people with technical knowledge.

Also, not all aspects and functions of Magento 1 can be directly migrated to the new version. You can’t transfer code customizations and themes which have to be created afresh.

But that gives you a unique opportunity to improve and redo your store for a new look and better performance. Our Magento Migration Service can also help you get rid of some of those legacy codes and increase the usability of your store.

Fast and Effective Magento 2 Migration Solution
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Getting Started with Magento 2 Upgrade with Mageguru

We will take care of all the 4 aspects of migration –

  • Data
  • Code
  • Theme
  • Extension

Data Migration

Being the most crucial stage, we concentrate all our effort so that you have an effective migration without any data loss.

We will successfully transfer different types of data like sales data, store configuration, product categories, reviews and ratings, order information to the new platform.

It is a complicated process that takes 2 to 5 days and allows no mistake!

Code Migration

Our thorough migration plan ensures that all data transferred maintain their standard and data integrity. We can even create new codes for Magento 2 if you need to revamp things a bit!

Theme Migration

As you may know, it’s not possible to migrate your theme to Magento 2. We offer two solutions-

  • We can create the same Magento 1 theme with 100% similarity. Your customers won’t find a single difference!
  • You can give a fresh look to your store and make it more appealing by redesigning whole of it.
Data Migration
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Extension Migration

Your extensions can’t also be migrated. So you can either let us-

  • Develop new extensions with the same functions but of much better quality
  • Help you find Magento 2 Extensions with similar function

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